OMV do not install - hangs on Partition formatting

  • Hi all!
    I hawe a problem whit omv 4.1.3
    I try to install from an iso image that is recorded on usb drive
    I install on ssd connected through sata
    constantly freezes in the same place on Partition formatting and hold on 33% and thats it! nothing else happens
    reworked the disk from mbr on gpt, format all disk, create a ext4 file system, try install on NTFS, nothing helped
    my sys rec:
    Phenom x2 920, 8GB RAM 1333mhz, SSD Crucial 250GB + 2HDD 500GB SATA Hitachi
    Does anyone have any thoughts?

  • Assuming your hardware is good.. Did you check the ISO's integrity? How did you write the ISO to the USB?

    Assuming that checks out.. I'd try installing Debian 9 from the official netinst iso, make sure the system is up to date, then install OMV on top of it. The end result will be the same, just a longer way of going about it. The current OMV 4 ISO was published in March 2018, while the latest Debian 9.6 ISO's were put up on Nov 10.

    Get the netinst ISO you need and put it on the USB drive. I'm assuming you know how to do that by now.

    Install a minimal Debian 9.6 system. When asked what you want to install, I'd recommend installing the standard system utilities and SSH server, as you do not need (or likely want) a GUI.

    After Debian 9 is installed, log in to the box (as root) and type the following commands:

    apt-get update
    apt-get upgrade
    apt-get dist-upgrade

    Once you've done all that, run the commands votdev explains in the thread below as root to install OMV on top of Debian 9. Unless you want to do a lot of typing, this would be considerably easier to cut and paste into an SSH window (if you installed it earlier). If you're not sure how to use SSH (and assuming you're using Windows)... Download Putty and have a look HERE

    Install OMV4 on Debian 9 (Stretch)

    That's it. It sounds more complicated than it really is, just a few more steps.

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