No space left mergeFS

  • Im using mergeFS and was about to organize my stuff, created a new folder and moved everything there. with mv * Some files were OK but not all folder was moved. Now I'm getting No space left on device but I've only used 2~tb out of 8tb..

    Just found out one disk is full.. how can I move stuff from /dev/sdb1 on line 12 to my share on line 10?

  • Okay, it seems like it was a folder that had alot of data.
    UnionsFS start storing data on next hard drive when current is full, right?
    Is there a way to prevent this from happend again?

  • Ok, I'm catching up. The first post (with the mc screen shot) appears as if you're trying to copy data to the full drive. (Not what you want to do.)

    You want to go the other way. Copy from the full drive (left) to the drive with space on it (right). Verify that the data was copied to the correct location (in the same location on the destination as it was on the source), then delete it from the source (the full drive). Check and cross check what you're doing. Delete is permanent.

    Stick with folders that are at the root of the data drive (example "/documents"). Don't try to get into sub-dir's ("/documents/work") - that could become a maddening process where data may be lost.) Once you create some space on the full drive, you might consider using a new policy as noted below:


    UnionsFS start storing data on next hard drive when current is full, right?
    Is there a way to prevent this from happend again?

    If you have the UnionFS storage policy set to "Existing Path, Most Free Space";


    Video storage can completely fill one hard drive. Why? Usually all is more or less equal on two UnionFS drives to start. However, going forward, the drive that has "Videos" will get the largest files and, usually, the most data. Since "Existing Path" is the first consideration, all files added to "Videos" will only go to the drive with the Existing Path "/Videos". Depending on how much is added, the drive with /Videos on it can fill up rapidly. (This may describe your case.)

    If you get some free space on the filled drive, by moving a few folders, consider changing to "most free space". This will direct all files to the drive with the most space available and create the supporting directory structure.

    When changing to this policy, maybe, you should consider an extra drive for SNAPRAID, to protect your data.

  • Troubles with your boot drive... If my boot media (where OMV lives) was throwing errors like that, I'd rebuild. Corruption of some sort is possible so I wouldn't trust it. I'd also be concerned with multiple drive failures, at the same time. A potential hardware problem? You might want to think about getting a live distro, and try to examine those drives and your hardware platform.

    If you want to try to rebuild; rather than buy a new SSD, build OMV on a 16 to 32GB USB boot drive. That's a lower cost option until you can figure out what's going on.

    To avoid a potential grub issue that can result from using 2 USB drives to build, use a CD build ISO as the source and install to the USB drive. Once it's up and running, you'll need to install OMVExtras and the Flash Mem plug-in. (If you want to go that route, a USB boot drive, the user guide in my signature below might be useful to you.)

  • False alarm @flmaxey!

    I was about to make a clean installaion and saw 3 disks connected, OMV ssd, USB with OMW and a Sata drive. So I missed one of my drives whyle troubleshooting, guess what, that disk was giving all the errors. We're are back on track sir - OMW up and running again. Thank you for your time, I feel a bit embarrased..

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