Clean install of OMV 4 doesn't boot on XU4

  • Hello,

    after using OMV 2 for serval years on my Odroid XU4 I decided to prepare a new SD card with OMV4. I didn't want to do that if the root partition of my OMV2 wasn't suddenly full. Instead of the painful process of finding the root cause, I wrote OMV_4_Odroid_XU4_HC1_HC2.img.xz with Etcher on a new 32GB MicroSD and put it into my XU4.
    The blue LED blinks double, that's all. System doesn't boot. If I compare with my old SD card, previously there was a fat partition named boot and a linux partition. The new image contains two linux partitions, anything wrong with the image?
    Also I didn't find any other (older) image, wouldn't it make sense to keep older revisions?

    Thanks for your help in advance !


  • The new image contains two linux partitions, anything wrong with the image?

    Nope. There is no need for a FAT partition (the ODROIDs are not a RPi, only there FAT is needed) and as such there is just an ext4 boot partition and the rootfs is a compressed btrfs. The image works well on thousands of ODROIDs.

    When you talk about 'blue LED blinks double' does this mean it's a constant blinking? Did you follow the instructions at the download page that talk about a needed network/internet connection since the installation finishes itself on first boot?

  • OK, so it's OK to have just 2 Linux partitions...

    I tried again the OMV2 SD card and also didn't get any response on the monitor. Now I found that the HDMI cable wasn't completely in. I'll rewrite the image and start over.

    I'M TOTALLY SORRY!!! My fault. But thank you for the quick response !

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