Getting symlinks to behave in storage

  • I'm trying to set up my OMV storage as my Steam directory, but I'm running into trouble because my current go-to protocol, SMB, doesn't like symlinks. From what I can tell, NFS and SSHFS could be possible solutions to this, just using these on my Linux desktops and SMB on my Windows desktop, but I don't know how to set these up or if they're the best way to go about this. I have NFS turned on, but I don't know the address to mount it in Nautilus, and I remember SSHFS was more or less ignored for development because Windows pretty much has no SSH support, official or otherwise.

    What should I do?

  • Mount it as an SMB share?


    That's how I have media shares set up on my Shield... works just fine.. I can't imagine you'd have any issues.

    (This is assuming Steam can read/write Network shares... I'm assuming if it can deal w/ NFS, it can probably deal with SMB)

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  • You do know that OMV has a symlinks plugin.

    The last time I used these was from one linux server to another, which is fairly straightforward, but you'll have to educate me, Steam directory? Are you referring to Steam as in the game network?
    But you should be able to point Steam at an SMB share, are you saying that will not work?

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  • @geaves I did not know about the symlinks plugin, I'll install it and see what happens.

    Steam game network, yes. In addition to the application folders, Steam has a separate directory that houses all games. While I can point it to an SMB share, it can't currently write symlinks to it, resulting in an error. However, if the symlinks plugin fixes this, that'd be perfect.

  • I that doesn't work come back I did find something on the Steam forums, just means I'll have to find it again :)
    There you go

    Thanks! I tried the symlinks plugin, and now games install. Now my problem is that they won't run! That's for me to troubleshoot, though, so thanks. As for the link you put in, I'm doing this on my Linux partition, so there aren't any permission issues there, but I'll keep it in mind when installing stuff on my Windows partition.

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