Help with docker - sonarr and torrent client hard links.

  • G'day all.

    A bit of background. I'm enjoying my docker setup with rutorrent (diameter), sonarr (linuxserver), radarr (linuxserver) and plex (linuxserver) which has greatly automated downloads for viewing.
    It allows me to choose a show in sonarr, download it through rutorrent then copy it to a separate media folder for plex.

    Here is my issue though. I'm running out of space fast by having sonarr make a second copy of the a tv show for plex (therefore 1 for seeding, and 1 for plex).
    I have read that sonarr and radarr have the ability to hard link files therefore using less disk space. I need to start saving space :)

    Has anyone been able to set this up in OMV via docker? I have read that you need to have everything in docker mounted in the same volume but i'm not too sure.
    Could you kindly share your folder structure?
    (Also i am using unionfs plugin).

    Everything is contained within my unionfs share called media (rutorrent, sonarr and plex).

    Below is my folder layout for rutorrent
    Below is folder layout for sonarr

    Below is folder layout for plex

    I hope this makes sense


  • Ok well I got it working.
    Basically I only ended up changing settings within sonarr docker and radarr docker only.
    E.g. within sonarr's docker I changed both the /downloads and /tv container paths to the ONE mount point (my media folder) as seen below.

    Then I made the following changes within sonarr.
    Firstly within the download client tab, I changed gave remote mappings.

    Then when choosing my paths for my shows instead of putting the path via the /tv folder I chose the path via the /downloads .

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