only Transmission through OpenVPN

  • Hi,

    I have an OpenVPN (interface tun0) who works nice for all my apps on the OMV. But i'd like to use the norpaml ethernet connection (enp3s0) for others apps like Plex and NextCloud i'd like to use over internet. I've used the post :…ission-traffic-uses-a-vpn to setup my OpenVpn
    Transmission is on the omv, not on docker, i'd like to not reinstall it on docker or something to not lose my actual torrent links.
    Same for Plex (i've tryed to install it on docker, but it never worked...)
    Even the OMV update use the vpn and bug, i have to close opevpn connection to make the apt-get update /upgrade etc
    I've searched on the forum, but didn't find the solution, i guess it's about iptables or something ...


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