OMV - best solution for me ?

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for the best solution for my storage and hope OMV is the one.
    I'm running Windows Server 2016 but I can't no more, too much issues.

    So, reading a lot of comments, it seems OMV could encounter my requirements, but I need to be sure.

    I've arleady 32to of data on about 12 hdd (ntfs file system) and I don't want to loose them.

    Using OMV, can I keep all my NTFS HDD with perf and stability ? no issue with that ?

    As other functionnnality, I only need shared folder (SMB) and all my devices accessing them (r/w), with no raid or parity.

    Thx in advance for help


  • There has been reports of users that had performance problems with NTFS drives. They couldn't saturate a GbE connection with a sustained file transfer. But this might depend on other hardware as well. Most likely you would noticeably improve performance by using EXT4 instead.

    I would recommend that you reformat to EXT4 and transfer over the data. You can do that one drive at a time.

    Do some testing and experimenting first. Test file transfers from NTFS and EXT4 drives. You set OMV up and then use it. Rock steady and safe! But I would advice against testing stuff out and experimenting with data you don't have backed up. OMV is NOT safe from operator errors during experiments and trying things out.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
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  • OMV can read and write with NTFS though I don't know if performance is better if using ext4 or another typical linux filesystem.
    [edited to agree with Adoby who posted at the same time - I'd personally gradually move things across to ext4]

    SMB is fine and reliable. UnionFS is useful when you have lots of drives.

    If you later change your mind about parity, SnapRAID is also useful.

    OMV 4 and 5 on Raspberry Pi 3, Odroid C2 and HC2, HP Proliant N36L and N54L, and another cobbled together box. Snapraid on the latter 3.

  • Ok, thx, both of you, for your answers.
    So, if I move to ext4 fs and use omv(first time for me with linux), my other devices (Shield, Xbox, Windows pc,...) will still be able to access folders in OMV?
    Can i also copy file from windows directly to a folder in OMV ?

    Thx in advance



  • You should only use NTFS for external drives that are temporarily plugged to OMV. Use a nativ Linux filesystem that is POSIX compliant for permanent storage devices to be able to use ACL’s for fine grained user permissions, otherwise you can not use the full power and features of OMV.

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