sata disk not automounted

  • Hi ppl,

    first start by saying best wishes for all off you!

    i am setting up a new (and first) OMV. so far impressed :-)
    my odroid hc2 with wd red 4 tb is running smooth. only issue so far is that the sata disc is not automounted.
    disc is present; filesystem (ext4) is created and showing up as /dev/sda1

    can anyone advise?

  • Interesting, I had the same issue with my HC1. After reboot the data-drive (for system I use a 32GB SD-card) wasn’t mounted anymore. I tried two different harddrives. So I thought it’s a hardware failure but didn’t have time to return the HC1. I also updated the sata-firmware but the problem still exists. Looks like there‘s a different problem

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  • Have the same. I added a mount -a as scheduled job executed at reboot.

    Works for me, but maybe somebody else has a better solution.

    Will try that! Thnx
    Was reading about autofs but that seems more complicated.

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