Radarr and sonarr won't move files from SabNZBD folder. "Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Radarr:"

  • Hi folks.

    I'm new to OMV and anything other than Windows.

    I've got SabNZBD working with Radarr and Sonarr as far as downloading goes but Radarr won't move and rename the file once the download has finished. The logs show the following error:

    Import failed, path does not exist or is not accessible by Radarr: /config/Downloads/complete/Minority.Report.2002.720p.BluRay.10BiT.x264.DTS-iFT

    I have a gut feeling (based on nothing really if I'm honest!) that it's not to do with permissions but is to do with folder set ups. I've attached some screen shots of my set up.

    Can anyone help and tell me what the paths should read?

    And also, perhaps a stupid question, but Radarr is attempting to move the completed file every minute or so. When I get the settings right, presumably it will then move it? Or so I need to do a new, fresh download every time I want to test it?



  • For anyone else with this issue, it looks like it can be caused by several things.

    In my case it was the path. Not sure exactly how I'd messed it up but in the Radarr docker set up the downloads path was defined as:
    It should have been:
    I didn't manually type the first folder, I selected it from the file browser, so not sure how that happened but it's sorted now.

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