Install on USB successfull but stick gets different device name afterwards

  • I installed OMV on an USB stick with no array disks attached to the mainboard. The stick was labeled /dev/sdb.

    /dev/sda was the installation USB.

    When I pull out the installation USB my OMV stick gets device number /dev/sda. This results in an error upon boot (but after grub loaded). I am redirected to the initramfs promt. The error is "ALERT! /dev/sdb1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!"

    This problem also persists when I plug my array disks in which will result in the stick getting a whole other device name then.

    Why is it important which partition the root file system is on?

    I have to add that this is just a setup to test if my original OMV on SSD with SATA connection has an error (probably). So, normaly I would install on SATA port. I am not sure if the SATA port gets the same label every time, also.

    Blkid gives me all devices, 7 array disks, 2 usb sticks and the RAID. Is there any option to start from initramfs-prompt into the right root system now that I know which one to chose?

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