Expand Raid5 Filesystem not working

  • Hi there,
    I want to build a nas soon. Therefore I'm currently evaluating different nas solutions on virtual machines. A must have feature is being able to add disks to the pool.
    With hyper-v I installed omv and created a system drive and 4 fixed size data drives.
    I successfully created a raid 5 with 3 of those virtual disks. I then expanded the raid-5 by adding the 4th disk.
    When I go into filesystems I cannot expand it. All the buttons are disabled. I can't even click unmount.
    Is the feature not yet implemented into web ui?

    many thx

  • Hi,
    if I guess right (from tags), and you are trying out BTRFS RAID5, then the web GUI is not really helpful. Maybe you can still add another drive to the pool by web GUI - which on my playground NAS did not work -, but then you need to go to console and balance the pool by a btrfs CLI command:

    btrfs balance start -v /srv/dev-disk-by-label-<your btrfs pool>/

    and wait for some (more) hours depending on size of disk added and pool usage.

    And then, never-ever change disks order or unplug one for testing a failure. You may get the shares of the RAID working or not, but you will not get the btrfs be shown correctly in omv web GUI again. GUI will show it "unmounted", and so not show the usage. Also you will not get "Unmount" offered, and unmounting by CLI command and mounting newly from web GUI will not change anything.

    BTW: On Omv console, BTRFS RAID5 is declared "experimetal" at detection...

    Private NAS: Asus P9D-I + Xeon E3-1220L CPU + 8GB ECC RAM + LSI SAS2108 HBA + 4x8TB BTRFS RAID 10 + OMV 4 booting from single SLC SSD
    Private experimental NAS: Asus P9D-I + i3-4130T CPU + 8GB ECC RAM + 3x10 BTRFS RAID5 + OMV 5 beta booting from single SLC SSD

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