Virtualbox no vnc, mouse or keyboard access on new vm install

  • OMV is successfully installed along with the virtualbox plug in. After creating a new Windows 7 VM and starting a fresh install from an iso, I get no vnc, mouse or keyboard access. I can see the windows 7 installation starting up in the preview window but I do not get a response when I click the "9000" vnc link nor do I have any mouse or keyboard access. I cannot continue the install.

    I've tried changing the port to 3389 for Windows RDP and cannot connect. Tried Real VNC and it connects with a blank screen, although I can see the first install screen of WIndows 7 in the preview window of Virtualbox. What am I forgetting? Am I to create a user in OMV and grant permissions?

    A little help on how to connect would be appreciated.


  • I have the same problem I tried in mozilla and chrome. in chrome will not do anything if i click on 9000 in mozilla will get to a page that starts with vnc://my ip:9000 that will give error that: The address wasn’t understood.
    I tried to connect with remote desktop connection but without any success.
    If anyone finds any solution please post here. I was about to start a new thread about my problem.

  • Thanks for your response.
    I already tried what you suggesting without success.

    Now i tested on 2 windows machine win 10 and 7, without firewall on (and unfortunately) without any success.

    I wonder if my network connection may be the problem. I tried different options without a success before.
    Can you please share you network connection settings from preferences and settings to be able to see what i am doing wrong.

    Thank you so much for taking time to help.
    Sorry for rookie questions i am new to virtualbox and OMV

  • The first item to note is, it's probably not OMV or virtualbox. (I can't tell you about VNC in a web browser - I don't use it.)

    I don't use Windows Firewall on the client where I'm using RDP. I'm using free Zonealarm .
    Also of note, is the client in virtualbox is Elementary - a Linux Desktop distro.

    I haven't tried to load up a Windows Client in PHP virtualbox, which is what OMV is running, but I've run Windows clients in other versions of virtualbox before.

    To provide a suggestion, I'd need to know more about what's going on. What happens when you try to connect?
    (Use Windows Remote Desktop to cut down the variables.)

  • I started a Windows install, as a quick check.



    Without details, the following is the only thing I could come up with that would stop connections:

    Since you're connecting to OMV/VB remotely, you have to change the following from the default,, to OMV's IP address.


  • Hallo Zusammen / Hello Together.

    I´m new here but i think we will write more times together. I Will try to write English as its not so good but i will try.

    So i have the same Problem as in this Thread but i don´t want to use RDP. I want to use VNC Viewer to get Connection on my VM.

    Everythin is configured but i can´t get connection with VNC Viewer to my VM. I don´t know what is wrong. I have tried RDP with the Standard Port 3389 but when Windows asks for Account Details und and im entering this in than the RDC shuts down with Error AppCrash. But not so wild, i want to use VNC Viewer.

    My Folder for VBOX has Permissions and i enter the Correct IP Adress and Port. But the VNC Viewer gets everytime an Error.

    Do you have any Ideas what to do? The hints in this Thread doesn´t help for me. :(

    I hope you have some Ideas. I haven´t more, i´ve tried everything but i get no Connection.

    Software: OMV 4.X Arrakis. VBOX: 5.2

    2- Config VBox.png1 - VNC Error.png3 - Settings VBox.png4 - Berechtigung.png

    Beste Grüße! Kind Regarts!

  • Did you look at the IP address in this -> thread post (above)?

    Anzeige: , the default, will not work.

    You should use the IP address of your OMV server, in Display, Remote Display or you won't be able to connect with Windows RDP or VNC.
    Look at the screen captures.
    ________________________________________________________________ von Ihrem Bildschirmbild aus funktioniert nicht. Verwenden Sie die IP-Adresse Ihres OMV-Servers in Anzeige, Remote-Anzeige.

  • Oh my God. I´m so dumb!

    Yes that was the Solution. Now i Have access. I was in the Configuration but everytime the Field for IP was not editable. I had to turn off the VM than i was able to edit the IP. Sorry. Typically Amateur Fault.

    Thank You!

  • Hello Together.

    After some Updates i haven´t more VNC Support. What happend? There are 2 Extension Packs Installed. Also VNC extpack.

    I tried to activate it again with

    VBoxManage setproperty vrdeextpack VNC

    but nothing happens. I checked it after Reboot. Only RDP Protocol as you can see in the Screenshot.

    How can i get back my VNC Support??? I tried to remove and purge VBox completely and installed it again. But i have only RDP Support i don´t know what to do.

    Have some ideas?

    Kind Regarts

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