NAS Selbstbau - Plan mit Athlon 200GE empfehlenswert?

  • Hallo,

    Ich plane mein OMV neu aufzusetzen und will dabei von bisheriger HW (HP MicroServer N40L mit AMD Turion II Neo N40L Dual-Core) wechseln, um Reserven zu haben

    Aufgaben/ Vorgaben

    zentraler Fileserver für bis zu 5 PCs
    TimeMachine für 2 oder 3 MACs
    Windows Backups für 2 oder 3 PCs
    Plattform für IOT Anwendungen, insbesondere ioBroker (zZt separater Raspberry, würde ich gerne umziehen, geplant ist DOCKER)
    maximal 4 HDDs
    Gehäuse muss aus Platzgründen sehr kompakt sein (ggw geplant Cooler Master Elite 120)
    Anschluss über GigEthernet, WLAN wird nicht benutzt
    NICHT geplant: Transcoding von Mediendateien

    Ich plane zur Zeit als HW Plattform:

    - Athlon 200GE (boxed)
    - ASRock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac
    - 8 GB RAM
    - Cooler Master Elite 120
    - Netzteil: be quiet! Pure Power 11 CM 400W (wohl überdimensioniert, aber ich hätte gerne etwas Reserve, falls der Rechner doch mal zu den Kindern wandert und mit andere CPU und separater GPU etwas mehr Power braucht. Auch scheint es modular von be Quiet erst ab 400W zu geben und ich hätte gern ein aufgeräumtes Gehäuse, plane auch mit…S-ATA-720mm/dp/B00E7PA306, um Ordnung zu behalten ).


    1. Kann das so passen, insbesondere im Hinblick auf DEBIAN/OMV Kompatibilität?
    2. Sollte die Leistung passen?
    3. Kann jemand ein anderes MB empfehlen? (limitierender Faktor in der Auswahl ist das mini-ITX Format)
    4. Irgendeine andere Meinung/ Empfehlung? ;)


    Gruß Nico

    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

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  • CPU performance is more than sufficient for your use case (the 200GE is almost twice as fast with single-threaded loads as the Turion in your N40L, when all cores are utilized it's even 5 times more CPU horsepower). For NAS/backup CPU/RAM are rather overkill (as long as you don't want to use sophisticated stuff like ZFS with deduplication) and as usual an oversized PSU results in higher idle consumption than necessary :)

    Wrt compatibility there are two concerns: kernel support (Ryzen might require a kernel more recent than the 4.9 Debian Stretch uses by default) and UEFI/BIOS compatibility. If there's no legacy BIOS mode then you need to install latest Debian ISO first and then OMV on top since the OMV ISO still doesn't support UEFI.

  • @tkaiser MANY MANY THANKS for the lightning fast response. I read here quite a bit and your dedication to help others is amazing!

    1. On PSU (I already noted you do all to save the world from useless power consumption): any other recommendation for me to look into (just a product name would be sufficient, I can research myself)?
    Assumption: The platform may be used ultimately for a PC for my kids, so a PicoPSU that can impossible handle a separate GPU would not be ideal).

    2. On compatibility: Since you seem to be an OMV guru: Are you aware of plans/discussions to go to anything beyond 4.9 or is 4.9 set for the (foreseeable) future? What does your crystal ball say? :)




    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

  • No idea about PSUs (the times I built servers or PCs are long ago -- today with x86 we only use Dell and SuperMicro servers, fully assembled by a contractor). Unfortunately the whole 'energy efficient NAS' thing boils down to reducing the count of disks (e.g. an ODROID HC1 or HC2 with each one huge capacity HDD makes some sense while most other approaches won't work that good since a lot of spinners are counterproductive for energy efficiency in general).

    Kernel compatibility: OMV relies on Debian (OMV4 --> Debian 9) so all you need is to install the backports kernel. But AFAIK the installer ISOs ship with kernel 4.9 so no idea whether this will prevent installing Debian/OMV in the first place (but a web search should be sufficient to get that?)

  • Quick follow up:

    I have OMV 4 up and running on

    Gigabyte Arous M (mATX b450)
    Athlon 200GE
    M.2 NVME (beware: this reduces SATA ports from 6 to 4!

    Without too much challenges (Debian install, OMV manually, I installed proprietary Realtek drivers, backports etc)

    VirtualBox works BUT MAke sure to activate AMD-v / Virtualisation in BIOS!

    I will still have to tweak speed (iperf seem fine, but Helio LAN only hits 70 MB/s), but it seems to run OK, idling :)

    So, b450 w/ Athlon 200ge seems a possible Option.


    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

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