automount encrypted drive as shared folder upon unlock

  • Hi everybody,

    I've got an encrypted device with a filesystem on it that is mounted in a folder inside /srv/ when I press "Unlock" in the "Encryption" page in OMV. If, after unlocking the device, I create a new shared folder for the decrypted folder, a new folder within /sharedfolders is created, and the data within the encrypted dev is accessible from there. However, if I reboot the device, after I unlock the encrypted device, the unencrypted data is not mounted in the (existing) subdirectory created when adding the Shared Folder before.

    How can I have OMV automatically mount the data folder upon unlocking the encrypted device?

    I don't want to automatically unlock the directory at boot (using /etc/fstab as suggested by this thread), as this would kind of beat the purpose of encryption, which is to protect the data if the device is stolen. I'm ok with using my key to unlock the volume every time the machine reboots. I'm mounting it as a shared folder so that I can set access control lists for the users on my machine (the folder in /srv/ appears to be read-only for everyone but root).

    For now, I only use sftp to get to the data, so I don't share the sensitive data over nfs/samba etc., but might decide to do so in the future, so the only reason for making a Share is the need for the above ACLs.

    So, is there another way to trigger the mounting upon unlock?


  • I'm relatively new OMV user, but I did the same configuration and when I unlock the encrypted drive it is automatically mounted as shared folder. I don't have to set a new shares every time. It seems that it is due to some specific settings of your OMV.

  • Well, I got a vanilla installation of openmediavault on a helios4 device. The way I configured it was described in the post above.

    The shared folder is not referenced anywhere else within omv (i.e., no FTP or anything else; I just use sftp/sshfs to mount it on other machines in the LAN). However, I noticed that, if I do any action on the shared folder, e.g., change the ACLs, it gets mounted in /sharedfolders. I was thinking that maybe omv mounts the shared folders lazily, i.e., only when they are actually used?

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