Error "Dependency failed" after power loss

  • Hi,
    After a power outage, my OMV lost power due no UPS (it has now). Now every time system boots, it shows error:
    "Timed out waiting for device dev-disk-by\x2dlabel-xxxxxx.device"
    "Dependency failed for File System on..." (it's the dame disk)
    "Dependency failed for /srv/dev-disk-ba-label-xxxxxx" (same disk again)

    Is there anyway I can fix this without reinstalling?


  • Anyone? Is it only me or it's never happened to you? Is this a Debian error or OMV error? This is the fifth reinstallation. I'm getting tired. I nean I got the UPS now but what do we do if in some circumstances, a UPS isn't available at the moment?

  • What disk is it that is giving the error? One of the storage drives or your OS drives?

    Are you sure the disk wasn't somehow damaged or corrupted? What filesystem?

    I have no idea on this one, never saw an error like that and I've had multiple power drops w/o a UPS (including two yesterday due to the storms).

    Usually I only know if I've had a power drop (assuming I wasn't here or was asleep) because the machine is off and it won't wake up with WOL, I have to power on manually... other than that, all else is normal once I'm booted up.

  • It is a data disk. I can still boot into OMV even though the error is still there. I'm using OMV as VM under vSphere. Could that be the problem here? Reinstall OMV make the error go away and data is still intact.
    Thanks for the response. Now I know this probably isn't a common one.

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