UrBackup - can not mount backup of Image

  • Hi,
    I have the UrBackup Plugin up and running - this is so great to have finally found an automated backupsolution - I am HAPPY!

    But...there always is a but...

    In the WebUi of the Urbackup server I find my image backups and my file backups. In file backups I see all my files and can download separate files or whole folders. GREAT!

    The image backup should be possible to mount. Sadly not for me.
    I get this message:

    Das Einbinden des Image ist fehlgeschlagen. Bitte lies die Server Log Datei für mehr Informationen.
    Error creating mountpoint at "/media/BACKUP/urbackup/FabianLenovo/190203-0902_Image_D/contents0".Err: 2

    Is there a chance to get this right?
    I asked the same over in the forum of UrBackup - with no luck :-(


    MoBo: Fujitsu D3417-B
    CPU: Intel Celeron G3900
    RAM: Samsung DDR4 - 8 GB ECC
    Case: Fractal Design Node 80
    HDD: SSD 64GB (System), 2*3TB+1*4TB (Data) + 1*4TB (Parity). UnionFS + Snapraid
    OMV 4
    Router: Fritzbox 7590

  • Urbackup does file backup and image backup. File backups are for selective file/folder restore.
    Images are for a full client restoration. If you make a client restoration boot CD, and boot the client with it, you can restore the entire hard drive from the image. (I've tested it.) So both cases are covered - selective file or folder restoration and bare metal client restoration with the image.

    Why is "mounting" an image important, when anything in the image can be had from file backups?

    When I access an image file for a client partition, this is what I get:


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