Docker nextcloud and letsencrypt

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a problem with the installation of the letsecnrypt docker, nextcloud and duckdns.

    Nextcloud works perfectly alone, but what I put the docker letsencrypte according to TechnoDad's tutorial, it does not work.

    Here is my installation:

    My php file always goes back to the original as soon as I restart the docker letsencrypt, I change the nextcloud. * In darkness * it always comes back in nextcloud. *


    when i go on the address "" i still have the page.

    Welcome to our server
    The website is currently being setup under this address.
    For help and support, please contact:

    Do you see any errors in my installation?

    Because I peeled all the pages of the forum talking about these problems and I did not find anything.
    I also tried the techniques of putting in the php file but it did not change anything.Car I saw on the forum that it had worked for some people.

    thank you to those who can help me, because it's been several days since I put my head with it.

    SScreenshot_2019-02-08 openmediavault control panel - OMV4-serveur local(1).pngScreenshot_2019-02-08 openmediavault control panel - OMV4-serveur local(2).pngScreenshot_2019-02-08 openmediavault control panel - OMV4-serveur local(3).pngScreenshot_2019-02-08 Residential Gateway Configuration Advanced - Forwarding.pngScreenshot_2019-02-08 Welcome to our server.png

    Sorry for my English

  • After several hours of research and hacking in OMV I finally found the solution by peeling the various existing forums on dockers. And the miracle solution is falling on my nose ^^. It was really stupid, but you only had to rename the "nextcloud.subdomain.conf.sample" form to nextcloud.subdomain.conf. All those hours of research for that ..... 8|:D

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