OpenVPN 4.0.3 - Error when adding DNS

  • Hi, I just stumbled in the following error while trying to add DNS addresses to my OpenVPN configuration:

    The only possible action was to revert the changes and leave the DNS field empty.

  • Actually it seems that the problem is much wider than I thought as I noticed that after I got that error OpenVPN doesn't restart anymore.
    I see that there's an error thrown by the iptables command, I'm not sure if that's related to some change in the options of the iptables commands, I didn't have time to investigate any further.

  • Ok I just figured out the issue, so I will post here the solution in case someone falls into the same problem.
    This issue happens when OpenVPN is configured on a given interface (mine was set to eno1) and then the gateway interface gets changed, for instance when a bond interface gets configured (in fact that's what I've done). In such cases the OpenVPN plugin doesn't detect the change automatically, so the startup script fails by throwing a BASH error which is not extremely clear.
    To solve the problem it's enough to change the gateway interface with the newly created one and run a stop and start of the OpenVPN service.

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