WOL it shows some errors - ata3 softreset failed (first fis failed)

  • guys can you help me with this one. When I bring my machine out from WOL it shows some odd errors.

    detected hardware unit hang on e1000e which is my NIC, I have an Intel Dual NIC so I could created a bond.
    the other errors maybe normal related to reset adapter unexpectedly and then speed change to port.

    The next one leaves me right at the error. If I hit enter it goes to the
    normal login but not sure why it just sits there at this prompt

    ata3 softreset failed (first fis failed)
    ata3 softreset failed (first fis failed)

    If I hit entry I am at the login screen


  • I think I figured this out, or at least for now it seems resolve. Seems this was related to my drive being NTFS. I backed up my data and reformatted with ext4 partitions. I tested this out on one drive and now I setup the second and will check tomorrow on wake. All drives are Seagate, either NAS or Barracuda versions. Just updating if someone runs into this as well and has a similar setup.

    Update: I tested it and it seemed to resolve it only to come back on one drive. I think it maybe that one of my drives was connected to the RAID controller ports. I had read online people mentioning drives connected to those ports may give this error. Now all drives are on the non raid ports. Hopefully this time it will resolve it.

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