BTRFS disk pool mounted not showing in webui

  • Hi all,

    Recently I've updated to OMV4 and I've noticed that my BTRFS disk pool is not showing correctly in the WebUI.
    In the attached image MountStatus you can see that my 3 disk pool is showing NO in mount status. The problem is that the pool is really mounted. I have some folders shared with samba in this pool and I can read and write on them.
    If I click on MOUNT button in the WebUI it throws an error saying that is already mounted..

    btrfs fi show, blkid and lsblk -f show that "Almacen" is mounted... (see outputs attached)
    In the System Log you can see that there is an error message arising each 30secs...

    Anyone can imagine what is happening?

    At same time I noticed that I have lost two dockers container that was working correctly and their images. I cannot download new docker images... (I am not sure that these errors are interrelated , but I've notice them at same time and the docker configs files are stored in the btrfs pool).

    I would appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thanks in Advance.
    Manuel J. Ortega

  • Hi there,

    I think it could be the same problem I had with the encrypted drive -
    for OMV4 drives need to be mounted to /srv/dev-disk-by-label-XYZ (XYZ obviously the label of your drive)..

    Hi thewer,

    My btrfs pool is mounted and accesed via /media/XXXXXX/. This is the path used by all the system (shared folders, plugins, tc.), but it is also mounted at /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Almacen, as you can see in the df output... (line 11). I can access it via ssh and this path.

    It seem like OMV is not being aware that the pool is already mounted. (The error thrown when trying to mount form webui points in that way) (see image in first post).

    On the other hand... lsblk -f output shows the pool mounting point at sdc (the pool has three hdds: sdb, sdc & sdd), but the error gived by the OMV webui mount command shows that cannot mount sdb...

    May be the problem related with this?

  • I really don't know much about Btrfs, but I would guess sdb, sdc and sdd all have the same UUID, only different UUID_SUBs…
    OMV sees them as a single pool with a single label and cannot mount them to the default address because sdc is already mounted there or because sdb can't...

    I think running blkid before creating the pool gives them unique UUIDs? Or unmounting sdb and mounting of them?

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