Fresh Debian Installation for OMV - Recommendation for partitioning?

  • Hi

    I want to set up my new DIY NAS soon.

    System is a B450/ Athlon 200GE.

    Bootmedium is a 240 GB M.2 NVME SSD.

    I will do a Debian Stretch install and then manually install OMV 4.

    I want to use OMV’s VirtualBox plug in and want to have the VM images on the faster SSD.


    What is your recommendation for partitioning the 240 GB for use with OMV?

    Thx for considering!



    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

  • It’s really down to personal preference. But if you’re in a position where you are asking, you’ll probably want a very simple partition setup without separating /home etc. So usually this will boil down to mostly root partition and some swap, usually equal to RAM unless you have a ton of it.

    Create a new partition

    Enter Max size minus amount of RAM. Ie. For 8GB of RAM and 240GB drive enter “232GB”

    > Primary > Beginning

    > Use As: BTRFS (leave all else, should already be set for root partition). You can check is says mount point / if you like.

    > Done setting up the partition > Continue

    Click the remaining free space

    Create a new partition >

    Accept whatever size it gives you left. Should be equal to RAM.

    Primary > use as: swap area > done setting up the partition

    Finish and write changes.

    Done. :-)

    Edit: Unless you’re EFI booting in which case you’ll need an additional partition, but unless you know why you want or need EFI, it’s really not mission critical to use it. You can disable it.

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  • thx.

    so, I understand there is no reason to move the VirtualBox VMs to a different partition, they can go on the same as OMV.



    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

  • Do you mean you are virtualising OMV or you are using the virtual box OMV plugin?

    Edit: sorry just seen in your first post. The plugin.

    Hang on typing.

    Edit2: so if you only have 1 drive, ie your 240GB M2, it is not officially supported to have both your OS and your content on this one drive. You need one drive for your OS, and (an)other drive(s) for your stuff. I don’t use the virtual box plugin, but it undoubtedly works the same as everything else, and makes use of the shared folders section of OMV. Shared folders are not supported on the OS drive. I’m sure you could find a workaround, but in my opinion, the easiest way to fix this is to grab a small cheap SSD for the OS (like a Kingston 64GB) then use the 240GB for your stuff.

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