Syncthing connection between two OMV server over OpenVPN very slow

  • Hi,
    I am running two servers using OMV 4 with the Syncthing plugin to keep one folder synced. As the servers are on different locations I am running an OpenVPN server on a raspi at one location to connect both locations via VPN. VPN-Connection and syncthing are running stable. I am just wondering, why the transferrate between the servers is dead slow. According to the Syncthing GUI its around 1,2MiB/sec. Using iperf between both servers I achieve transferrate around 5MiB and more. The connection at each location should handle way more.
    I was wondering if there is any way to get better transfersrates. Maybe the raspi is the bottleneck but then the results of the iperf should be way slower?
    Maybe someone can help me.

    Best regards.

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