WebDAV - No files visible, no folder access

  • I have installed the WebDAV plugin (v3.0.3) from OMV-extra's. I added my user to the 'webdav-users' group and created a shared folder containing a text123.txt file.
    Then, I can access the webDAV site without any trouble, but the test file does not show up.

    When I manually enter the path to the testfile, I get a 'File not found error' (error shown in attached screenshots). It shows the path to the file in the error which is the correct path, in this case:

    The file/folder permissions might be a problem, but I have tried every possible permission, even setting my folder to 777, or chmod/chgrp the folder to the webdav-user/group. This did not make a difference.
    Does anybody have a clue what could cause this problem? Thanks!

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