In Emergency Mode - fuse.mergerfs partition not mounting

  • Newb here - I am not sure if my title is accurate. I would really appreciate some troubleshooting help. I'm in over my head on this one.

    OMV is now booting into emergency mode and I cannot access anything on my server. I'm afraid I was mucking about too much and broke something with my file system.

    The error is complaining about failing to mount something which I believe is the fuse.mergerfs file system. I use the union file system plugin with snapraid and I am on OMV 4.19. I was trying to remove one of my drives and I removed it from union file system via the GUI. I think this may have broken things? I don't know. I would love to avoid having to do a fresh install of OMV. Of course, my clonezilla backup isnt working.. =/


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