Clean reference from old drive removed

  • Looking forward to playing with openmediavault I used old HDD from a previous NAS.
    I removed these discs since I received my new discs.

    Today when I looked at hdparm configuration files I saw references from those old drives that are no longer present in my system.

    Is there a way to clean all this?

    for example I can see reference to old drive in hdparm.conf

    You can see all old disk it's Samsung HD204UI_*

    I try to look in /dev/disk/by-id but I don't see old HD204UI

    If you can help ! I'm a newbie !
    I try to clean hdparm.conf but the reference comeback when I change an option on the OMV smart gui

  • Probably you have created shared folders on this drive which are used in some services (SMB/CIFS, FTP, ...).

    So first remove all of these shared folders from the services. Then delete the shared fold ers. Then you should be able to delete the file.

    Everything to be done in the GUI of OMV.

  • Thanks Macon but I just add disk for see if my HBA work and don"t do anything in my OMV with this old disks.

    This olds disk come from a raid5 in my previous NAS build ( I was already on OMV )

    OMV write information on raid disk perhaps and my new OMV take it ?

    I do not know where to look..

  • Sorry it's me !

    This old disk come from my old old nas the one who run on ubuntu with mdadm without OMV.

    I just plug it on my new nas for test a HBA.
    I see in OMV ( my new NAS ) the disk, and I reemove it.

    This disk were very old and I will not use them in my new nas.

    But Why I can see some traces of these disks in the configuration files

  • a big thank you for trying!

    I will do :

    grep -r ata-SAMSUNG_HD204UI_S2H7J9KB700773 *

    I will find all the files that contain information on these old disks :)

    result :


    I had to run a smart test on these old drives without remembering....
    So smartd and OMV keeps information even if the disks are no longer present and if of course we do not unmount the discs properly like me !

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