does openmediavault really support raspberry pi 3B+?

  • downloaded the image for raspberry pi, and write it to two sd card: one for raspberry pi 3B and another for 3B+

    3B works perfect, but errors has been occurring on 3B+ when upgrading or installing openvpn.

    3B+ has gigabyte network, much better than 3B as NAS/vpn, but openmediavault not working correct on it

  • 3B works perfect

    Nope, Raspberry Pi 3B doesn't work perfect. It's just a really lousy choice for a NAS. Literally every other SBC is a better choice compared to any Raspberry Pi (speaking about the NAS use case here. If you want to blink an led, use camera stuff or do home automation it's a different story).

    OMV works fine on both RPi 3B and 3B+ but the latter is equipped with a quirky Gigabit Ethernet implementation and as such OMV by default switches to Fast Ethernet to mitigate broken Gigabit Ethernet on RPi 3B+ -- whether this quirky GbE has more downsides I neither know nor care.

    errors has been occurring on 3B+ when upgrading or installing openvpn

    This is still the issue you reported here, right?

    Anyway, neither know nor care since RPi 3B, 3B+ and ODROID-C2 are the only 64-bit SBC that are not able to make use of ARMv8 Crypto Extensions and as such a lousy choice for a VPN at least if you want to use AES (which is what you want combined with ARMv8 Crypto Extensions to offload all the crypto stuff to a dedicated and fast engine).

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