Crash with 4.19 BPO from OMV Extras

  • Hello

    Disclaimer: I know this is not a general Debian forum and I truly spent the last hours (3-6am) searching for a solution and became a personal friend of Clonezilla. Issue is that my search terms are apparently so generic that I end up in “Linux hell”.

    Run VirtualBox on OMV (it used to work on this machine, not sure what happened ...)

    Athlon 200ge on b450 mb

    OMV is freshly installed and configured
    All works as expected

    I installed OMV - Extras
    This added installation of latest BPO (to my understanding needed for VirtualBox) (4.19.)

    Booting into the BPO Kernel,I see some lines from the boot process (screen attached to machine directly)

    After some seconds, the screen goes blank and all stops
    OMV is not reachable via SSH

    I cannot see on screen what the last lines are prior to crash

    Booting into the stable kernel works, OMV is up

    Any advice
    1. How I could identify the exact reason for the crash to search further?
    2. Or, even better, how to fix this?

    Again, thx, I can assure you that using the forum is not intended to avoid work, but rather I am seriously stuck ... ;(



    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

  • I also had a problem with 4.19 and NFS. Almost every backup from Proxmox cluster would result with broken pipe or similar. Then i reverted to 4.18 and everything is working okay. I also found after many hours searching on debian list that there is a problem with nfs and 4.19.
    You can screenshot messages when the kernel crashes and maybe link it to this thread. Could be some problem with the modules.

  • @ness1602

    Thank you for looking into this.

    The issue is that the screen just blanks after seconds... I cannot see what errors may come up.

    It is like it totally crashes, I dont know how to identify at what stage exactly.

    Any recommendation?
    I searched around a lot, but couldnt find it.

    I could also experiment, if someone gives me hint / commands/ link how I may just install 4.18 BPO instead of 4.19.... if that was at all enough for Virtualbox. All combinations of search words I used got me deeper and deeper into Linux Kernel Developer mailing lists... where I definately dont belong :)

    ADD: I noted that when the boot fails, there are a couple of dmesg-efi-....-enc.z fules in /sys/fs/pstore. Is it possible these may help to identify the issue?

    ADD2: Attached the Kernel.log until where the boot effort ends



  • omv-extras doesn't install the backports kernel. It is enabled by default in OMV. Installing omv probably just triggered the apt sources being rewritten. virtualbox does require backports being enable though.

    The 4.19 does seem to have quite a few problems. If you weren't using a bleeding edge Ryzen gaming/desktop board, I would say try the proxmox kernel (install with omv-extras) but it may not be new enough for that board. But at this point, it might be worth it anyway. Otherwise, go with ness1602's idea of using the 4.18 kernel.

    omv 5.4.7 usul | 64 bit | 5.4 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.3.3 plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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  • Thx @ness1602!!!

    Your hint got me on track, it seems:

    I boot 4.19 BPO now with the option


    That prevents me from using a screen attached to the NAS, but I can access the system now using web interface and SSH, so for the time being it is OK ( I run headless anyway).

    With 4.19 BPO, VirtualBox works.

    THX to all for advice, next time I may indeed consider using more legacy HW...



    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

  • Thx for the additional advice, but I guess I am at (or beyond) my technical limits here :)

    So, I will watch whether what I have works as expected and maybe see how things develop.

    Nevertheless: thx for helping me on this, much appreciated!

    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

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