HBA /spindown /

  • Hi all

    My server run well for 2 weeks now.
    MergerFS + snapraid
    All smart is ok
    Long smart test is good for all drive.
    In my system I have two HBA IBM 1015 flashed in IT mod that give LSI card.

    Please read the log below

    I see lot's post with this problem and all say bad disk or bad cable.
    I see this error since I put spindown on my disk.
    If I remove spindown I have no Error message.
    Because I have some disk I like to spindown.

    I have the impression that Hdds do not wake up fast enough for the kernel.
    I see a post from zfs user whohave a similar problem here https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/issues/4713 but don't find solution !

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