Syncthing plugin - enable per schedule (to stop HDD)

  • Hi there,

    I have a problem with the Syncthing plugin where it stops my harddrive from spinning down as long as Syncthing is running.

    My workaround for now would be to schedule the Syncthing plugin (the service/user I added in the plugin settings) to run only eg between 2-8pm.
    Then the hdd would keep spinning only during these times.

    Does anybody know the command line to use in the schedule settings (I'm not sure if this is something that can be found in the official Syncthing documentation as I imagine a plugin might work differently).

    Thanks a lot in advance :)

  • You could create two scheduled tasks to start and stop the service at your times. systemctl stop syncthing

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  • Thanks a lot for the quick reply! :)

    So I don't have to address the plugin at all?!
    That would of course simplify things... I'll give it a try, thanks.

    (I'll give
    systemctl disable syncthing@MyUser.service
    a go)

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