ssh - permission denied (publickey)

  • Hi,

    This is my first post on this forum. Thanks to all for your contributions !

    I have installed omv4 on a HC2 (installed from the omv image on sourceforge) and I would try to connect to it by using SSH with a public key authentication. For that, I have followed this guide.

    The following SSH configuration were done

    • Disable the root login
    • Disable password authentication
    • Enable public key authentication (PKA)
    • Enable compression
    • Enable tunneling

    I created a new user (omvuser1) with both sudo and ssh group and I ran the following commands

    ssh-keygen -f ~/.ssh/sshacess/sshremote -t rsa

    ssh-keygen -e -f ~/.ssh/sshacess/

    with a copy/paste the output to

    Access Right Management | Users | <USERNAME> | Edit | Public Keys

    My config file (~/.ssh/config) looks like

    Host omv.workgroup
    User omvuser1
    Compression yes
    Port 56236
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/sshaccess/

    To connect via SSH, I use the command below

    ssh -p 56236 -i ~/.ssh/sshacess omvuser1@

    Unfortunately, I have this message

    "Load key "/home/omvuser1/.ssh/sshacess": Is a directory
    omvuser1@ Permission denied (publickey)."

    To debug, I used the command ssh -vvv -p 56236 -i ~/.ssh/sshacess omvuser1@, the result is below:

    I hope someone could help me !
    Thanks in advance !

    Kind regards

  • Thanks for your quick response !

    After remove the trailing slash, IHave the same issue :

    "Load key "/home/stblaisedesk01/.ssh/sshacess": Is a directory
    stblaisedesk01@ Permission denied (publickey)."


  • I had 2 issues:

    • the 1st on the rights of private key and public key files

    solved with the chmod 600 command on both files

    • the 2nd on the ~ /.ssh /config file with the IdentityFile parameter

    solved by changing its value with the path and name of the private key file

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