omv on hc1

  • i have an odroid hc1 running on omv for a fair while i am pretty pappy with it have the antivirus plugin, mysql, open vpn and docker with a few containers for, pi-hole, nextcloud, home-assistant, duckdns & letsencrypt. when i log in via putty it shows Swap usage: 99 %, i was under the impression the flash memory plugin was enabled by default on the stock images, is the a harmless warning or something i need to look at?

  • Where do you see the swap usage?
    Are you using the image from here?

    yes image originally from there but i think it was omv 3 that upgraded to omv 4

    Care to provide output from those three commands:

    df -h
    cat /proc/swaps
  • is it normal for zram based swap useage to be say 99% and the physical ram usage in the omv dashboard to be at 48%


    It doesn't matter which kind of device is used for swap but it's perfectly reasonable to have all swap used since the kernel tries to page out memory contents that do not change to free up physical memory.

    And if it's zram instead of traditional swap on storage the storage doesn't receive any write activity.

    Everything totally fine.

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