problem for connect to wifi

  • i install omv4 on this old PC
    i can install that with with WiFi dongle (that work fine on another rassbery pi omv server) during installation with no problem
    but after boot up i cant connect to WiFi.
    i try install Netwowk-Manager but i cannot connect with nmtui until i deactivate mac randomization base on this wiki and every thing work fine but i have two reason for don't use that
    1. warning for use any other network manager with omv
    2. after restart omv cannot detecct my wifi dongle

    i try configure network with systemd base on this Thread with no any successes (configure but no-carrier)
    i think problem is mac randomization but i cant deactivate that in omv with systemd network ?(

    ip addr

    show my interface is down

    ip set interface up

    not work

    say if you think need more detail

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