access nas in hyper-v virtual machine with openvpn

  • hello,

    First, sorry for my english. I'm french and speak english not very well.

    I have install openmediavault in an hyper-v virtual machine (gen1, external switch). It works very well in my local network, all my computer in oSX or windows access the folders with CIFS/SMB).
    Now, I will give an external access to my files with my phone.

    So, i have:
    activate the openvpn service, generate the certificat and download it.
    import the ovpn profil in the openvpn app in my phone.
    Open the 1194 port on physical router

    However, the app cannot connect.
    TCP: "Transport Errir: TCP connect error on 'XX.XXX.XX.XX:1194': connection refused"
    UDP: "Server poll timeout, tying next remote entry..."

    all the two tests dosn't works.

    Any Idea?

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