Newbie: Does Open Media Vault work on QNAP TS-259pro+

  • Hello,
    I have QNAP TS-259pro+ as my main storage solution for some years. QNAP has ceased support for it. It has dual core atom D525 1.8 GHz CPU and 2 GB ram currently. It has two drive bays. It has currently 2 x 2 terabytes disk installed in raid 1. The hardware is good, silent and nothing wrong with it. I need to use it for a while. Can I install and use OVM in this machine..

  • Can I install and use OVM in this machine..

    The real question is whether you can install Debian on this machine. This makes me think that is possible -…rs/debian_qnap_ts-259_Pro

    I have had OMV running on my TS-451 since I got it a few years ago. You probably won't be able to install OMV on the usb media that is inside the unit because it is too small. I would plug a decent 16GB+ usb stick in to install OMV on and then install the flashmemory plugin.

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  • Thank you for the reply...and my apology for responding and thanking late.

    I have finally purchased a second hand dell t20 with 16 gb. ram, one 2tb, two 1tb disks. I had a dilemma to use OMV or Freenas, but after detailed reading about both, and learning that since ZFS forces me upfront investment in larger and multiple disk, learning about snapraid/mergerfs capability on OMV, I am sold to OMV.

    Thank you again for the direction. After completing migration to my new server, I will play with my old faithful QNAP (8 years of constant service) and try to install OMV on top of it.

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