Roll back plex version after silly mistake

  • Disclaimer: I'm on OMV 2.2 - please don't kill me!

    The other day I thought it would be a good time to upgrade my Plex Media Server on my omv server. I couldn't do this via the plugins, as I'm on OMV 2.2 and they are long since unsupported. I did this by going to…rveur-plex-ubuntu-debian/

    This didn't work, and plex stopped working. Not realising why (yet), I realised when I try "service plexmediaserver start" that plex didn't exist, and I have "plexmediaserverdpkg" or something like that. I followed a short guide on this forum to rename it, though that may have been a mistake.

    And then I realised - the version of plex I installed is for Debian 8+ and I'm on Debian 7....

    Really, I need to update to OMV 4, and that's a whole new installation that's required. Before I do that, I'll have to backup sickbeard, sabnzbd settings etc. Perhaps that's for another post.

    In the meantime, can I get my old plex back? Or can I get the latest plex while still on wheezy using this: http://forum.openmediavault.or…ht=plex%2Bdpkg#post190167 ?

    Finally, in case I mess something else up, I should back up my current plex settings. Can anyone point me to a guide on this forum as to how to do that?

    Much appreciated for all your help!

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