[How To] Install Pi-Hole in Docker: Update 01/27/20 - Adding Unbound, a Recursive DNS Server

  • 1. Pi-Hole is a network wide ad blocker which, also, provides protection from malware sites for the users of your LAN. It functions as a DNS proxy where, by blocking name requests to known malware and advertising sites, network security and the client Internet browsing experience are improved. Telemetry servers are blocked, which helps to preserve user privacy, and by eliminating many video advertising pop-up's, performance is improved as well.

    For users updating their pi-hole containers, who are blocking all IPv6 connections:
    Using the file pihole-FTL.confunder /dockerparms/pihole/ has been discontinued. When updating pi-hole, delete the folder /dockerparms and all contents before creating a new container.

    Pi-hole How To

    2. Unbound,a self contained recursive DNS server, will maximize DNS security for your LAN and users while providing exceptional name lookup performance.
    This Pi-hole add-on is for intermediate users. This installation involves operations on the command line and setting up a configuration file for Unbound.

    Unbound How To

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