Corupted root folder or so

  • Dear friends,

    My name is Vuk and I am new here but not really new in OMV. However, I need some help...
    Recently I made a mistake by adding a windows location address in OMV rsync remote server field (I didn't really pay attention ;( ). As a result of this, the files were copied to the root directory... Everything works but openmediavault service could not be found. Initial web login is alive but I cannot login.

    The new created folder outside and inside of the root directory looked like this / . I have deleted it on both places.
    When I try apt install --reinstall openmediavault then I get this:

    If I try to login via web then i get this:

    Note: This is a raspberry version which worked like a charm for almost one year.
    Is it possible to resolve this?

    Best Regards..

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