[Rsync] file deleted in destination folder

  • Hi,
    I did a huge stupid thing, i've tried to sync the www folder in my root folder of NAS(folder with personal images and docs)
    after a second I noticed the statement "deleting" of files and I stopped the operation
    In that second the rsync deleted a lot of files;

    please suggest me the best way to recover those files

  • 1. Restore from backup.

    2. Use some data recovery software to find deleted data on the disk surface. Most likely some files may be possible to recover, providing that you stopped using the driver immediatly, at least mounted it read-only.

    3. Hire a data recovery consultant to recover the deleted files.

    As a precaution, before you do anything, create a full device image using dd.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
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  • thank you for the reply. Meanwhile I have found the log of all deleted files under: System Logs -> Rsync jobs

    thanks god devs developers thought of headd*ck like me XD
    there are about 6k deleted files; I have the backup tool but never used it
    I'm thinking to unmount the drive(single hdd, ext4). and use some recovery tool from windows; tell me if u know some other better way

  • There are tools that can scan for "signatures" of common file types. And recover them. I recovered a bunch of photos from a crashed HDD for a photographer friend at one time. I didn't recover anything from the HDD, but instead from an image of the drive. I had some imaging software running for days trying to image the drive as best as possible.

    Unfortunately typically the filenames are lost. You'll get a lot of:


    ... and so on.

    I doubt that any windows tools can read Linux formatted drives, unless you use NTFS drives?

    Google "data recovery tools linux" or something similar for more info. That is what I did.

    Be smart - be lazy. Clone your rootfs.
    OMV 5: 9 x Odroid HC2 + 1 x Odroid HC1 + 1 x Raspberry Pi 4

  • Right, unmount the partition first and copy it to an image via dd (or ddrescue). Than make a copy of the image file (with checksums) and than work on that copy. If you break anything, just make anothet copy of the original dd image.
    This is the downside of point and click usage of rsync, mistakes are made easily. You always need an additional layer of backups from a nas, if you want to be sure to not loose data.
    I have two in location seperated storage systems that I keep versionized backups of my private nas in, also making sure to not connect both at the same time for protection against crypto attacks. For my professional systems I got a quite complex backup strategy, which would be too expensive for my personal data. From my personal experience in privat and proffesional environments, most data are lost due to small but impactfull mistakes, just like yours, while people tend to only protect against hardware failure.

  • little update for posterity:
    I have fully recovered all files from the Hdd on another hdd (sorted by extension by EaseUs ( software i used to recover deleted files));
    then, using the log, I sorted the deleted files by extension and decided what files to search and recover (i did this for pdf, zip, xlxs and some txt ..I havent too files in those formats .. about 50 files).

    Then for the photos i did a hash comparison And i've deleted all the duplicates in Recovered folder.
    The strange thing is that I have deleted 4k files, and after the comparison there are 13k files xD
    Now i'll see to delete all the thumb and miniatures the software has recovered (images 15x15 or 50x50px)

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