Do I really need omv?

  • This is my first thread so I thought I'd start with the most basic question: do I need to be here? :rolleyes:

    Here's what I want: Nextcloud with data stored on raid6, and LetsEncrypt. That's it.

    I see 3 ways of doing this:

    • NC on a RPi with rsync to omv
    • NC in a docker container on omv host
    • NC on a LAMP stack with some s/w raid - no omv.
    • [Insert brilliant option here]

    Is it worth the hassle/overhead to install a nas (option 1&2)?
    One thing that could make it worthwhile is the awesome omv forum, am I right? :thumbsup:

  • There is no perfect option. You just have to decide what you want to do? What equipment do you have? And how much money you want to spend or not spend?

    No one else can answer those questions for you. You can do it any of the ways mentioned above.

    Build, Learn, Create.

    How to Videos for OMV

    Post any questions to the forum, so others can benefit from your curiosity. :thumbsup:
    No private support.

  • Do you have an old PC? With a good sized hard drive (sized for what you want to store), and a USB thumbdrive as a boot drive, you could build OMV and give it a hands on evaluation. This is the best way to figure out what you may want, without spending a lot of money. Visit the guides section of the forum, to get started.

    If you don't like OMV, or if it doesn't do something you consider to be a requirement, the same hardware could be used for something else.

  • There really is no right/wrong answer. OMV just runs on top of a minimal Debian install... so if you're comfortable running Debian w/o a GUI, I guess the simple answer would be No, you do not need OMV. If you're not comfortable with running Debian from a command line or you just find it easier having a GUI to set up services, etc.. then you would want OMV. There really is no significant "overhead" with OMV running on top of Debian

    I run Nextcloud in docker (no raid6, but OMV should handle a raid6 no problem) and honestly really like it. I personally don't like setting up docker containers from the command line, but there are other options out there for that as well.

    Something tells me if you're asking this question, you're either new to Linux, or you're not very comfortable with running a command line server... in which case I would say you would likely find you get a lot of use out of OMV.

    Air Conditioners are a lot like PC's... They work great until you open Windows.

  • You do not have to be if you do not want to.

    This was probably a rhetorical question.

    do I need to be here?

    Did you find an answer?

    I think you already did:

    One thing that could make it worthwhile is the awesome omv forum, am I right?

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