Right configuration for "bridged" network in Virtualbox

  • Hello to all,
    I'm looking for a little help with a problem with virtualbox and networking.

    I have a succesfully running machine with Windows 10 set up with bridged networking. It gets and ip from dhcp in the rank 192.168.0.x and it can ping the host machine ip, the gateway (router) ip, my laptop ip and google ip, so it has connection to the lan network and internet.

    The problem is that I can't ping from host to virtual machine guest ip or from other computer in the network to the vm guest ip, so i can't accest it.
    I try to figure out if it's a omv firewall problem but I can't find the solution.

    What is the reason why the guest can get and ip from dhcp and ping other machine,s but the others could reach it? Is something blocking connections to the guest?

    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

    My business server: OMV 4.1.22 | intel J2900 + 4GB DDR3 | 64GB SSD OS Disk | 2x1TB WD raid data disks
    Home Server: OMV 4.1.22 (4.19bpo
    ) | MSI B150M PRO VDH | i5-6600T 35W | 16GG RAM DDR4 2133 | 60GB SSD OS disk | 120GG SSD Games (Minecraft+Ark)| 1x4TB+2x2TB WD NAS RED HDDs
    ---------------- File server, FTP, Printing server, Plex, Logitech Media Server, VDR, Minecraft Server, Ark Survival Server, jDownloader
    Home automation server: OMV 4.1.22 (kernel 4.19 bpo) | Intel J4205 | 128GB SSD OS | 250GB HDD DATA | USB-RS485 | mbusd MODBUS TCP<->RTU GATEWAY | HMI SCADA myscadaHome

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