My first own rack-mounted NAS

  • As every new user should do, they should make a thread first in this section! So this will be my first post!

    So here is the story of my first build:

    • I finally moved out of my parents place (finally time, stayed way to long at home... ...although it was very good there). They have a NAS, which I maintain the whole thing, but my parents still use it. So I couldn't take it with me. I had to make my own new NAS and I wanted to 'make' my own, and not use a prebuilt system (much more fun).
    • I started to search for an OS. A few years ago I heard about FreeNAS, so I first looked for that, but then saw the specs they ask for could be expensive and difficult to find. I searched for alternatives and stumbled on OpenMediaVault. Much more lightweight, easy and big community and of course I chose OMV!
    • In my small new home, I found space to put a rack for all my network-hardware. I had 4U free space in the rack and searched for a chassis which would fit. That is how I found the chassis (see for specs lower).
    • I wanted it to be power-efficiënt in some way (because Climate Change is not a HOAX) and therefore I wanted to choose the parts in function of it.
    • I'm a beginner when it comes to everything with Linux-based systems. Already used a Raspberry Pi to fiddle around with, but only basic stuff.


    • Chassis: Inter-tech 2U 2404S

      • 2U rackmountable chassis, without being to deep
      • 4 hot-swapable harddrives.
      • µATX motherboard (cheaper than m-ITX)
      • supports ATX PSU form-factor, but not standard ATX, without modding. The current ATX PSU take their ventilation from the bottom, but this chassis doesn't support it for the ATX PSU. I modded the mounting bracket so it could fit a SFX PSU.
      • Had to add 4x 50mm fans for Better cooling with lower noise.
      • not so cheap :( , but only chassis, which fitted my needs.
    • Power Supply Unit: Corsair SF450 Platinum

      • Smallest Wattage (450W) for a PSU with Platinum certification.
      • Fits the Chassis
      • Needed some CableMod extension kit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-8350K (second hand, underclocked and undervolted)

      • First I wanted to buy one of those T-variants Intel sells, because of their low voltage usage. I had the Intel Pentium Gold G5400T or G5420T (which will come out later) in mind.
      • But a friend of mine had a spare Intel Core i3-8350K and could sell it to me for a good price.
      • Clocked it like an Intel Core i3-8300T for low power usage (already done and tested)
      • Has an iGPU, so no need for extra Graphics Card.
    • CPU-Cooler: Cryorig C7

      • Relatively cheap, but could handle an overclocked Intel Core i3-8350K if needed.
      • Fits the chassis in height.
    • Motherboard: ASRock Z370M Pro4

      • Searched for the cheapest microATX-board with under- or over-clocking possibilities that supported the cheap CPU I got.
      • Supported more than 4 hard drives.
      • Possibility to upgrade later with 4 PCIe card-slots (example: faster network card)
    • Memory: 2x G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-2800 4GB

      • 8GB Ram in total, dual channel
      • again second hand from the same friend as the processor
      • For the chassis, it was better to take low-profile Memory-sticks. I to put them in slot 1 and 3, in stead of the recommended 2 and 4, but they still work dual channel.
    • Storage: (most important and expensive part)

    It is already built physically, and will be used for normal storage, plex server, virtualisation,... (will see where we'll get :D ). Next: trying to get the Server working...

    Edit: Some Pictures

    IMG_20190427_173549-600x800.jpg IMG_20190427_173621-800x600.jpg

  • Do you mind posting a picture of your rack?

    Nope, if that interests you... but not all the connections on the patch-panel are connected to both switches yet (1 managed, 1 unmanaged but with PoE).
    The Rack

    The cupboard: it is in the hallway at the entrance so the wife doesn't see it :D

    Note that a small Bronze is more efficient than a large Platinum at the low power you need.

    I know PSU's are the most power efficient around 50%-60% of their power. So a 300W would be better, but almost only bronze or worse are available in SFX. (Or i needed to mod the chassis in an other, more difficult way to make it all ATX PSU's compatible.) But the 450W platinum is not that bad either (87% to 92% depending on the load), but has the advantage I could add more component later on. Now it is expandable.
    But you're right.

    And I got my first problem (after updating windows on my old laptop):
    Searching why... I found this post: https://forum.openmediavault.o…o-locate-CIFS-SMB-shares/

    But that's for tomorrow.

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