BTRFS Snapshot and CIFS Share in Windows

  • Hello
    My configuration was work since somme month

    but suddently ( perhaps an omv upgrade ??) my windows cannot see btrfs snapshot in "previous versions"
    we can see .snapshots from hidden files

    vfs objects = shadow_copy2
    shadow:format = @GMT_%Y.%m.%d-%H.%M.%S-%s
    shadow:sort = desc
    shadow:snapdir = .snapshots

    root@nas:/home# ./
    ID 257 gen 5517 top level 5 path @NASLV1
    ID 258 gen 5517 top level 257 path .snapshots
    ID 1743 gen 5437 top level 258 path .snapshots/@GMT_2019.04.27-11.00.02-1556355602
    ID 1744 gen 5510 top level 258 path .snapshots/@GMT_2019.04.27-23.00.01-1556398801
    ID 1745 gen 5501 top level 258 path .snapshots/@GMT_2019.04.28-11.00.01-1556442001
    ID 1746 gen 5513 top level 258 path .snapshots/@GMT_2019.04.28-23.00.01-1556485201
    ID 1748 gen 5454 top level 258 path .snapshots/@GMT_2019.04.29-11.00.01-1556528401

    I don't understand why suddently it doesn't work

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