Upgrade from OMV 2.2.14 to latest OMV 4 Stable

  • Hello,

    Kinda new to the forum but I've been using OMV for quite a few year now.
    I was updating my packages lately and noticed the debian repository I was using doesn't even exist anymore or at least not for wheezy. (some mirror in my country)

    So I figured it would be time to upgrade to the latest stable release of OMV. I see there was a lot of update since 2.2!

    I've been searching through the forum about a clean process to update OMV but since it's a big gap between the two I've got a few questions first :

    - Shall I just reinstall OMV completly? If so, what should I backup to keep my raid disks up to date
    - What should I backup and how to restore it on new release?
    Note : I m not running many side services, just a lot of data on a RAID 5 config (4 disks) and a MySQL database (which I m just gonna dump and import in a new MariaDB with latest release?)

    - Shall I just try and go with the omv upgrades? Do I still to run all the debian updates first (and therefore try to fix my repo by replacing it with an existing working debian wheezy repo)
    - I still would like to do a proper backup, how should I proceed?

    I m sorry if this has been answered already but I m quite uneasy about it and don't want to break stuff (like we all do or we wouldn't be using OMV in the first place I guess :p)

    Keep up to good work

    Kind regards

  • Couldn't update the meta data of the initial thread : Current version and upgrade path (version 2.X to 4.X)

    Getting the following error :
    The server encountered an unresolvable problem, please try again later.
    Exception ID: 8d43f588ad70851a9bfa87468e796c6160dd1e0b

  • I use ZFS which is different, but yeah, you want to disconnect your RAID, fresh install v4 then import that RAID. I don’t use that type of RAID though so you’ll need someone else to help there if you get stuck. You’ll obviously need to recreate your users and shares too and any services. There is probably a way to port some settings but I’m sure this is not recommended and may actually be more time consuming since there isn’t an automated procedure for 2 to 4.

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  • Yup gotcha

    I ll just go ahead with a fresh v4 install after clonezilla backup.
    I wanted to go with ZFS back then (5 years ago or so) but it seemed quite unstable / not well supported.

    My main concern now using Raid 5 with 4 disks is the following :
    - 1 Disk failure followed by 10To resync creating a 2nd disk failure then I m fucked

    Migrating Raid 5 to ZFS might be a side project in a near future.


  • ZFS on Linux is very stable. It’s just that occasionally a kernel update causes an incompatibility with the ZoL stuff and you’ll reboot and notice your pool isn’t mounted. You need to wait a bit before moving kernels or use the Proxmox kernel. The main thing to remember is that the problem only causes your pool not to mount until you revert some of the files etc. Not that your pools are gone completely. It’s not really an issue if you don’t mind tinkering. ZFS itself though is solid. I wouldn’t be without it.

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