change SBC board (different brand), keep existing OMV settings, shared folders

  • I have an existing OMV setup running on a rock64 SBC with some disks and shared folders.

    Could I change my SBC from rock64 to Nanopi 4m and keep all OMV settings like users and shared folders?

    From the FAQ I know that the /etc/openmediavault/config.xml is for referencespurposes only.

    I guess it is not ment to be used in to replace the config on the new install with the config from the previous board.

    Since I cannot use the image from rock64 on a Nonopi 4m, how would I map the existing shared folders on my harddrives to the new OMV?

  • How to map fresh omv install to existing shares and users

    I've tried it on a small test system and it worked.
    It's a very straight forward process.

    1) Record the status quo
    First make notes about your omv setup:

    existing omv users:
    Name | Group
    user1 | users

    existing omv shared folders:
    Name | Device | Path/
    share1 | hd1 | hd1/
    share2 | hd2 | hd2/

    (optional) omv snapraid configuration:
    Name | Drive | Content | Data | Parity
    data1 | hd1 | yes | yes | no
    data2 | hd2 | yes | yes | no
    parity| hd3 | no | no | yes

    optional: to be on the safe siede make a copy of the etc/openmediavault/config.xml.
    The <share> tag lists all your shared folders.
    The <users> tag lists all your users.

    Attention: The etc/openmediavault/config.xml is for reference only.
    It is tempting to copy anything between the <share> and <users> and paste it in the config.xml of the fresh omv install.
    Do not do this! Always create shared folders and users via the omv web UI.


    As you can see there is a difference between the old config.xml and the new.
    This is because omv always creates a new <uuid>, an internal database reference number.
    Therefore you should always create the shared folder via omv web UI.

    2) Let's do it ;)
    after the basic setup of your fresh omv install...
    mount all your Drives
    hd1 | hd2

    add all your shared folders. Use the same Name and the same Device.
    share1 | share2

    add all your users. Again, use the same Name and Group. (Group defaults to the group 'users').
    user1 (set user read/write privileges for the shared folders as you had it before)

    add your disks to snapraid exactly as you had them on the previous install.

    add all shared folders to omv samba share service (or Apple Filing) depending on what you had on your previous install.

    Now you should be able to connect to all your shares
    More important, you should see all files and subfolders that you had created with your old install.

    Addendum: I've finished the same procedure on my live system.
    I had a Docker Plex container on my old install.
    As suggested in the omv guides, I've created shared folders for Plex, AppData and Media.
    AppData was populated with some subdirectories and files by Docker Plex.
    Reconnecting those shared folders with the Docker Plex container on the new install worked without any problems.

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