how can i get an install iso that support uefi?

  • Official install iso doesn't support uefi, how to make it support that?
    After browsing the fourm, one way is install debian stretch first by a netinstall iso, and then install omv by apt.
    I have install omv on my applo lake platform successfully. But met some promblem with the storage disk, i can't see them in the share folder settings, and can not create partitions in one disk by the webui.
    So I want to find some way to install from official iso in uefi to avoid that.
    why the official iso doesn't support uefi? Is there any method to make it possible to install omv from official iso under uefi? Thanks a lot!

  • why the official iso doesn't support uefi? In the fact, the latest netinstall iso of stretch support uefi.
    It is much difficult to have this function on?

  • Because it doesn't, you have 2 choices either as @ellnic suggested or set your bios to legacy.

    Ok, I know the way to install OMV on a UEFI &GPT platform.
    But "because it doesn't" make me confused, is there any special reason for that OMV official ISO not supporting UEFI installation?

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