Booting Issues when mounting all drives

  • Hello
    After fresh install of OMV4 I've explored the settings installed plugins rebooted several times.

    If rebooting after mounting any disks, It will not boot up to OMV, but only to "CTRL+D for maintenance or enter root password to repair disks."

    I can CTRL+D on a keyboard at the server & it boots into omv fine.

    How do I stop this?

    sorry if this has been answered somewhere else.

  • after mounting any disks

    Do you mean connecting any disk?
    So the server boots fine if only the OS disk is connected, but shows the issue when additionally data drives are connected?

    In that case try update-grub as root on CLI after the server has successfully booted with data drives connected.

  • I sniff a nasty smell.

    Let me see if I'm right: you are fine as long as your server box works only from its SD card and/or its system disk. When you connect (via USB maybe?) other HDs the system becomes instable, if at all usable. Is this your case?

    If so forget sw for now. First thing I would check is your power supply.

  • I'm using a desktop PC. i3, gigbyte motherboard.

    All the hard drives are connected, Ive got 5 Sata drives of different manufacturers connected using sata cables.
    The OS is installed on a Kingston SSD drive.

    When I've successfully booted and using OMV via web interface, I will MOUNT one of these drives via the

    Upon leaving one or more of these drives mounted and rebooting, It will hang, just before the local OMV login screen.
    and state to enter root password or press CTRL+D to continue.
    if i enter root password I get a terminal
    If i press CTRL+D it will continue to the local login screen.(which then i can connect to web interface)

    Im thinking one of the drives are bad. SO>>> (10 minutes pass)

    I mounted each drive, one at a time, rebooted between each mounting.
    no problems until I got to the last one. Then it CTRL+D error, so suspecting this is the bad drive I left it unmounted.
    I did a reboot and I got the error. unmounted a few more drives, still got error.

    Now I sit where I started, no drives mounted but now Im getting the CTRL+D error.


  • +update+
    I've got no HDD's mounted and still getting the error.

    Try again to boot into default mode.
    Give root password for maintenance
    (or press Control D to continue)

    I think its an error with debian not omv.

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