Nextcloud reset to default after OMV reboot

  • Hi there. I followed the TechnoDadLife video to install MariaDB and Nextcloud through Docker. Worked fine until an OMV reboot. Now I am prompted in the Nextcloud interface with the initial set up options, asking for new user info, storage folder and database info. I have an encrypted storage drive in my OMV box and have unlocked it. I attempted to restart the MariaDB and Nextcloud services through the Docker section of OMV, but the same issue persists. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? :/

  • Hello,

    make shure to enter a correct mapping in the volumes and bind mounds section of the container. I prepared a folder in the file system per container, where I stored the docker configs and data .
    Check if the docker user has read / write authority for that folder.

    This settings store all application data outside the container in your filesystem.

    Hope that helps.

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