Adding new User - PW unknown

  • Few things it could be.

    1. Make sure your SSH plugin is enabled

    2. Check your SSH settings and make sure you have "root login enabled" (personally I think this is a terrible idea).

    Assuming the above is correct and you still can't SSH as root, but you have webUI access. The easy way to solve this is...

    Create a user in the webUI, and make sure they are in the ssh and sudo group. You should then be able to SSH as that user (you may have to restart the SSH plugin). SSH the server as that user, then use that users sudo powers to change the root password (sudo passwd root).

    I'm not a fan of sudo or enabling root SSH access... but using them temporarily in this situation will work fine. Far better to SSH as a non sudo user, then use the su command to log in as root. If your system user was compromised and someone gained SSH access to your NAS, they would then have to figure out your root password to do any real damage. If the user has sudo powers, then all they'd have to do is change the root password as I showed you above.

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