When do SMB permission changes take effect?

  • I have a share whose SMB access is based off of group membership.

    Membership to the group grants R/W access.

    I've removed a user from the group, but the user can still create files/folders within the share.

    The (test) user has window open to the share while I am making/applying the change by removing that user account from the RW group.

    As I understand it the user should no longer have access.

  • It seems if I disable / enable the specific share again after making a change to permissions, then when the share comes back online is when the permissions will change.

    If I don't do the above, where is the delay coming from?

    That makes sense to me. You're restarting the SMB service which checks all the drives permissions, etc.. before making them available, and obviously updates it with your new permission info. If you just change the permissions on a network share and do not restart SMB, it just operates on what is currently running.

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