Uninstalled Plugins still showing in Services, and giving errors every time the page is refreshed

  • There are a few plugins still listed under Services, even after I've went to Plugins, and uninstalled them and rebooted the Pi.
    I have already Uninstalled these plugins yet they continue to show up Under 'Services' on the left, and they give me a Service error every refresh, reboot, or when you click one of the ones in the services list that has already been uninstalled.
    See attached screenshot.
    All circled in red on the left have been uninstalled but are still listed. And the error on the right is when I clicked one on the left I had already uninstalled.
    Any help is appreciate as I am new to OMV and Pi in general and this is my first stab at it, and so far I am loving OMV running my 10tb NAS!
    Thanks in advance.


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